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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Almost exactly 12 years ago yesterday, we selected Auggie from the Healdsburg Shelter and brought him home.

Yesterday we took Auggie for a ride to one of his favorite places -- Memorial Beach Veterinary to say good bye. He started this year, 2011, seemingly in good health and seemingly younger than his age. But strangely an auto immune disease took it's toll. The disease manifested itself as a foot infection that we helped him fight and he even wore "shoes" for a while. His feet just this week got better, but the disease apparently spread to other locations in his body. Yesterday, Friday, he had lost almost all energy to eat, walk or relate to his surroundings.

Surprisingly when I asked Auggie if he'd like to go for a ride his ears jumped up and he struggled to walk to the car. We aided him to climb in and for one of the first times ever he actually sat or laid down in the car. He recognized the place as we neared Memorial Beach and as always was excited to be there.

We named him for the month that we got him -- August -- Auggie for short.He was born 18 May 1999 and we never knew the circumstances surrounding his being in the shelter -- but we were so lucky to find him -- and we think he was lucky too.

Of all the dogs that I have had -- and I have had a lot -- Auggie ranks right at the top. This was really Gail's first dog and they formed a close bond right from the start. Our feelings are quite raw at the moment and we realize that over time they will subside -- but we will miss Auggie and his companionship very much.

Auggie -- Come Good Home . . .

I have had a few contacts this week relative to genealogy and family history, but I will save those remarks for next week.

See you in a few . . .


Amy Coffin said...

This is a beautiful tribute to Auggie. I am very sorry for your loss.

Dan said...

Amy, thank you. Dan