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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Minus 97 & The Healdsburg Two-Step

My apologies to the many cousins who have written to me this week -- I will hopefully be back in "touch" soon.
And my apologies to those who were "stung" this week . . . this week's blog is more about "local happenings" than about genealogy and the family tree. This is my first post from our new location:

This was probably the most involved week that I have ever had. For those of you who did not know -- and that includes everyone -- Gail & I have downsized. We have done this all without telling anyone -- except the realtors, banks, telephone company, gas/water, electric, satellite television, Waste Management, Press Democrat, Postal Office, Redwood Movers,  Goodwill, Salvation Army, Sonoma County dump, consignment shops, Bishop's Ranch and several other organizations that were in the "need to know".

The  main physical  move happened on Wednesday of this week. The movers arrived  shortly before 9 am and by 3 pm all the "large and heavy stuff" was in it's new location -- what remains is the hundreds of boxes and smaller items to sort and put away.  The new house is just 1.5 miles from the old  house -- I swear there is a climate change -- so we have probably put on a few hundred miles of carting the smaller items over.

The top shows the movers at our old house (514) and the bottom shows the new downsized house (417, a difference of 97 . . .) and one pic of Gail and Auggie resting at one point . . .

Speaking of Auggie, poor guy, while all this commotion has been going on he has been in and out of the hospital a few times and now sports new shoes to aid in keeping his feet infection free. He started with bandages then moved to some of Gail's old socks and now bright red slippers. The vet is telling us that he has a rare condition and is now on some heavy duty drugs to help him through the day. All in all he is getting used to the new house and seems to like it -- he especially likes the treats.

Stung --

So what happens to those who go off to France and to those who go off to the Northwest -- well when they got back we zapped 'em with our move. They had no idea while they were site-seeing at the Lourvre or in downtown Portland that Gail & I were schlepping boxes and shuttling them between locations setting up the stings -- and both stings were successful -- eyes popping and all that sort of thing -- we loved it. We have one more to do and that should happen in a few hours . . .

As time goes on we'll share more about the new house and all but in the meantime here are some of the looks of the yard:

So that pretty much  tells it all in terms of how we "spent our summer vacation". While there is not much genealogy this week -- there is the stuff that "adds some color" to the tree and will give future generations some insight to all of us. 

As my brother says and demonstrates -- it was better than a "poke in the eye" . . .

Now as usual we would be having  "Slider Saturday Night" that is if we could locate the pans and meat and buns and a few other items. So it will have to be Slider Sunday Night this week.

Have a good week -- see you all in a few . . .

P.S. -- The Healdsburg Two Step refers to just two steps from garage level to living level versus the 20 steps from garage to living level at the previous house . . .

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