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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cabinets -- Cartbirds -- Automobiles & Udder Things

The week was gorgeous in terms of the weather. Mostly sunny days though the sun came out on some days after resting behind the fog for a bit. We took advantage of the cooler mornings and tried to do our heavier or yard work then. The raised bed garden was uncovered from the thorny bushes that kept it pretty much hidden.
It now awaits probably until the springtime to be replanted.

While Gail worked her magic on some of the interior -- I helped on the heavier things and in between those times worked on genealogy things. Every once in a while I come across a picture that evokes an experience that I sense -- but I know never happened . . . never the less it is like deja vu for something -- I believe there is a word for that but it escapes me:

I feel like I could have been there but I know that this never happened to my immediate family. I have never milked a cow. If my father had had his dream he would have had a farm and as a matter of fact we came very close to purchasing one when I was about 12 years old. This picture I found in as I was exploring some of their offerings.

In our Grandparents Time

Gail and I have of course 8 Grandparents between us. Two each on the paternal side and two each on the maternal side. In our case all eight were born between the years 1874 through 1892. So thinking back to those days -- what must it have been like for many of the everyday things that go on, things that we take for granted.
Obviously there were no automobiles so all transportation would have had to be by horse and/or cart or wagon
but wait -- I just saw a picture of the world's oldest running automobile and it is dated 1884 -- wow:

Click on the above to see more detail -- but while this was billed as the first ever family car because it had room for four it also apparently participated in a motor race in 1887. So there might have been autos in use in some of our families during this period -- I would be interested in finding that out. The above car is steam operated and still is in running condition something that can not be said for our Grandparents unfortunately.

The Continuing Garage Saga

We are so close on being done with the garage update . . . as a matter of fact even though there are a couple of tiny details to finish -- like some trim painting and some minor adjustments -- for our purposes the garage is now ready to fill up . . . though based on the appearance we just might add a small shed outside to house some of the more earthy tools and things and also paint and maybe some other things.

But we have actually unloaded many many boxes from the living room, dining room and the guest bedroom and have successfully hidden them behind the beautiful cabinet doors AND we have room to spare. But we do have the pool house to empty yet . . . but here is what it looks like so far:

Click to enlarge and you can see the 38 cabinets that now are available for storage items -- and we have taken advantage of the space nicely. The new door is installed and the new opener also -- we have opened the door and just sat looking out in between unloading at t5mes . . . next week the finishing touches.

While Out and About

Shopping as usual and we spotted this interesting photo opportunity:

And you can even tell what store we were at if you click to see the writing on the handles. These birds were just taking a break in the early evening probably just before looking for a place to roost. They stayed there among the hustle of the cars parking and the people pushing loaded carts. They did not even fly away when someone pushed another cart into the stack . . . there did not appear to be food or anything in the carts, just a place to rest . . .

Speaking of birds, one of the projects we did in the yard included  re positioning the bird feeder -- probably in this case not so good an idea. We will be looking for another more suitable location soon:

Our friendly visiting kitty immediately took up a strategic position . . .

From the HILES  Website

While reading this blog there is an easy way to visit the HILES Website -- just click on the Related Hiles Family link:

Clicking on that will take you to the site where you can view a ton of information regarding Hiles and related families.

For example there are a few special reports that are pertinent to October -- specifically as they relate to birthdays:

If you click to enlarge you'll see the two reports that are specific to births in October. There are 172 people from the tree that were born in the month of October -- so happy birthday to all of them. And I have two siblings (brothers) born in October, so a special birthday greeting goes out to them. Additionally there are three persons born this day -- as shown on the report.


We are making progress on our Halloween decorations, using the home grown pumpkin from the garden -- we only had one pumpkin so here it is:

No comments please . . . but we are expecting for the first time in 13 years to have trick or treaters arriving at our door . . .

And that is how our week went -- now we are preparing for Slider Saturday Night!

See you in a few!

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