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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Produce, Paintings, Food & Tech

What a week -- the end of September, beginning of October. The weather alert from last week did not pan out but it looks as though it will try again this week. We made several trips to the old house -- some to water, and some to pick produce from the garden:

The real star of the picked produce was the tomatoes and there were tons of them. They were late in arriving but they have shown up big-time now. The apples are actually from the new house. The pumpkin and the squash are just in time for some sort of Halloween deal.

The tomatoes were quickly put to use in a sauteed tomato dish to accompany our chicken cutlets the other night -- and then the rest (including the lone green pepper) simmered into a rich spaghetti sauce which we used last night. The apples are just representative of several bags of final pickings. We dropped off more bags at the food pantry.

The old house is "on the market" and even though it is a slow and rough time for real estate we have high hopes. We think the house looks really good and there is a video about it on YouTube:

Check it out and let us know what you think.

Speaking of produce, moving certainly does offer the chance to "go through things" and that we have done. My father as a hobby, painted pictures and while I have a lot of them up -- or used to -- I found these miniatures among some of the "boxed" items:

It reminded me that he produced a lot of pictures around the early 70s. He did that for fun and relaxation after he retired. He was self-taught and he enjoyed painting and now I get to enjoy his produce as well.

In our town we now live a couple of blocks from Matheson Street, a major East/West street through town. Little did I know about the origin of Matheson Street until going through some facts from the local cemetery and reading some facts from our local museum.

Tomorrow it will mark 149 years since Roderick N. Matheson died. An interesting fact is that while he lived in Healdsburg when the Civil War broke out -- it was while attending the inauguration for Abraham Lincoln that he volunteered for service. He was appointed a Colonel leading the 32 New York State Voluntary Infantry. Because he was from California the regiment became known as the First California Regiment. 

Matheson was recognized for his bravery and commitment to service with a commendation personally from Lincoln. He participated in the Battle of Bull Run. His regiment, about a thousand men strong participated in many bloody battles. Unfortunately while in one battle leading to the siege of Richmond , Matheson was killed. He is buried about two blocks from where we live in Healdsburg. 

I had no idea that Matheson had such a life. It is hard to think that someone living in our little town would pick up and go to Washington D.C. and ultimately die in the Civil War -- it was mostly thought that those folks all came from "back there".

He died October 2, 1862 at 38 years of age. Buried in Oak Mound Cemetery, Healdsburg, California.

Way Back in Time

Sometime in the First to Third Century BCE (before common era) the Dead Sea Scrolls were buried for safe keeping. In 1947 or thereabouts they were discovered. Now they have been put online and translated into English (some of them). It is unbelievable to think that something written that long ago is available to us via our computers. Here is a picture of one:

Apparently this is the main scroll for the entire book of Isaiah -- 60 some chapters. And it has been translated into English and is readable online. Compliments of GOOGLE. 

If interested here is a link to view the translation:

I just wish that I could tie my family roots to this period so that I could document family . . . it could happen.


A significant new player in the "tablet" arena was announced this week -- Amazon's Kindle Fire.

I have to say that if the Kindle Fire had come out before I got my iPad -- I would have been interested. And who knows about the future of technology -- it is fun though.

Continued High Interest in Food Items

Maybe it is the weather -- but probably not -- but food and food sites are of interest to me lately. My all time favorite site is the Noble Pig blog:   

the above is an example of their latest blog -- one which I know I'll use, below is a collage of some of their recent blog recipes:

Click to enlarge -- they all look really good!

And if that were not enough to satisfy another site that offers fantastic sandwiches is:

Here is a collage of some of their offerings . . . I'm really hungry now!

Click to enlarge -- and then go their site and find out the names of each sandwich . . .

And so it is for another week. And before our dinner tonight we will be out getting some fresh air, cooler though it may be -- but currently dry. Even after all the above mention of food items -- it will be the "lowly slider" on our Saturday Night plates . . .

See you in a few!

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