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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall's Eats, Meets & Progress Report

This week started out with the "severe weather" that had been promised. But today has made up for any not-so-good days. Today is what fall is all about -- the skies are clear and bright and the air a little brisk and oh-so-fresh. We'd like to order some more of these . . . speaking of orders, we picked some of our produce from the other house and the other night we enjoyed the fruits of those pickin's:

These are sauteed cherry-type tomatoes from our garden.(The recipe from Noble Pig) These turned out just like the recipe said -- delicious. There are some onions and a little bit of garlic, so simple yet so tasty.
The tomatoes were late in arriving this year but are well worth the wait. Last week I also made a huge batch of tomato sauce and the same this week. It seems that each day we go back to pick we are finding tons . . .

Along with the sauteed tomatoes we had pan fried chicken cutlets -- these start out not grown or picked by us -- but from a bag of frozen chicken tenders (from Costco). We take several tenders and let them thaw and then I flatten them, dip them in egg wash and then panko (breadcrumbs) and then quickly fry them to a golden brown -- simple dinner but sooo tasty.

So together our dinner consisted of the above -- just before plating . . .

And again because this season is so vibrant I could not resist another photo of the local produce -- grapes. The wineries our rapidly trying to harvest all the grapes before they spoil -- they are thinning out the leaves so that the moisture from all the rain can be helped with the ventilation. I do not understand all the process, but certainly understand the results down the road . . .

While all the nature things are taking place -- we in our new home are making progress in many areas. The box numbers have gone way down -- some contents are just unboxed and some have been donated and some are still waiting disposition. The storage area for us here is going to come hopefully inside the newly remodeled garage.
At the beginning of this week the garage was bare studs, no insulation and no sheet rocking -- that is slowly changing -- and we can hardly wait for completion of the project. We will have floor to ceiling cabinets on two of the walls and a bit more on the third wall. Eventually it is our plan that all the boxes that now can be found in our dining room, guest bedroom and pool house will be housed in the garage:

We started with bare wood and then insulation was added and then sheet rock and some new electrical as well. We even went over to check on the production of the cabinets. Hopefully next week, starting on Monday with the painters doing their work we may just be able to move some of our "Costco" pantry and paper items back into the garage.

Sadly --

It started for us about 4 or 5 years ago with our involvement with Apple products. We each bought an iPod Touch and absolutely fell in love with them. We used them for so many different things ranging from the productive to the just-for-fun. It was a pleasure to be able to read our email while in front of the TV or sitting outside on the deck.

After a year or so the iPad was introduced and we both got one of those as well. This was even more exhilarating -- the larger screen and the additional capabilities. We have used our iPads pretty much every day since acquiring them. On our last road trip we activated the 3G feature and were never without a network connection -- at home we just use the WIFI for our network needs. The quality of the iPads is outstanding and we feel so lucky to have them and they truly have made life more enjoyable.

Last year Gail added an iPhone to her inventory -- and that is another example of a top quality product. She  loves the iPhone and all that it provides -- including the camera (she has one on her iPad as well). Sometimes while out we take photos for the website -- -- these photos are then automatically uploaded for all to utilize and for volunteers to digitize.

I have to say that the passing of Steve Jobs has impacted me more than any other corporate leader that I can recall. Because we have seen and enjoyed the products that he has developed and brought into our lives our hope is (selfish I guess) and that is for this to continue . . . in the last few years the updated products being introduced were always anticipated with a lot of excitement -- I hope that can go forward.

Cousin-in-law Connection

This week we had the pleasure of meeting with someone who I met "online" communicating about genealogy. But what we did not really realize was that Gail had already met her -- some 45 years ago.
So, what are the details of this interesting event -- for us anyway.

A picture can illustrate more of what I am talking about:

Here are Gail and Sandi looking at a photo book of Gail's first wedding AND, in the photo they are viewing
is Sandi and her Mom attending the wedding. Prior to this afternoon (Thursday) Gail did not know who was actually in the photo -- a really pleasant surprise.

We wound up having a really fun afternoon with Sandi and her husband, Jim. There were many stories related about several of Gail's inlaws and other relatives. It points out a small world -- and in this case brought together through genealogical pursuits. We look forward to more visits and exchanges of family information.

Weekly Walk

We try to take walks as often as we can -- but lately since Auggie's passing, our walking schedule has gone by the wayside somewhat -- but we still have managed to walk at least once a week. I carry the camera on these outings and like to shoot interesting things when we see them. Last week's walk provided an interesting view of a couple of yard/tree mobiles:

At first I thought that they were bird-feeders, but then concluded that they were ornamental  . . . but certainly curiosities.

On the Lighter Side -- (or the Canadian side)

I actually have borrowed this from someone else -- but that is often the case when I can't actually make the trip -- this time from a pic I saw in Randy Seaver's blog, but I liked it too:

I have been to this monument, I just never drove around to the other side -- you never know what you are missing . . .

And so that is a peek into our week. We are about to go on our weekly walk and following that I will be starting the process of making the sliders for our Saturday Night Sliders event.

See you in a few.

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