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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Royalty Here Across the Pond

It was quite a week. Every day so far it has started with a marine layer in the early morning (foggy) and has progressed to rather heated afternoons -- today it is mild so far in the afternoon. They tell me that this is perfect for the "grapes". We actually do not have any ourselves but we know people here in wine country that do -- and this weather is apparently good for the flowers:

The above are some pictures taken today in the backyard. One of these days we are going to get serious about adding more flowers . . .

It wasn't only the early morning fogginess that was interesting, it was the evening sun and the various displays brought along for a few minutes in the window-of-opportunity for photo taking:

The above are actually two different evenings and the time was just after eight p.m. -- Dino actually though there was going to be something in it for him as well -- he was a good sport though watching me snap photos.

The Thrill and Satisfaction of Completing a Task

There's nothing like finishing something that when you start you think "there's no way to do this . . ." For the last three and a half weeks, Gail has worked on this task intermittently and often with total frustration and at other times with a real sense of accomplishment:

If you click on the above you can see various stages of the puzzle completion. Again Dino thought there was something in it for him . . . but the bottom-line is that even though right up to the last few pieces Gail "was sure that there were pieces missing" the puzzle is now in the record books as having been -- done.

You may be able to see some of the many unique shapes of the laser-cut wood pieces from the Liberty Puzzle. We have several puzzles that Gail has worked on over the years and they are great -- and they are quality.
You can check the puzzles out at:      Liberty Puzzles    if you enjoy the challenge of puzzling, Liberty Puzzles are certainly one way to satisfy that need.

The Royal Puzzle (for me and others in our tree)

Speaking of puzzling -- so what is the new baby -- George Alexander Louis' last name?  And how do I enter his name into the family tree. Most folks that I asked for an answer to this did not have a clear answer -- so I went straight to an authority -- People Magazine -- just kidding, but they did have some answers.

Last year in a post (3 Jun 2012) I revealed the information that GENI had sent me (via Melissa) that I was indeed related to Queen Elizabeth II as an 11th cousin twice removed -- those of you related to me can make your own determination of relativity.

So that would mean that George Alexander Louis ______ is also my cousin (and yours possibly). But still I wondered about a "surname" -- I had really never given it much thought before. Well there are answers and I am not sure they help:

The reason that I say that is that the surname choice is up to choosing by Kate & William and it could be one of three different names:    Wales, or Cambridge, or Mountbatten-Windsor, and given the set of first names it hopefully will be either Wales or Cambridge to simplify it somewhat. Most computer forms do not allow for that many letters in a name . . . and if he were here in this country, Social Security would have a difficult time as well.

But it looks like the name Cambridge may be the choice as People Magazine has that on Prince Williams'
shirt front -- time will tell.  I guess that I can use initials -- G.A.L. Cambridge -- when entering it in our family tree . . . I have a few branches actually to fill out before I get that far though.

And Another Major Event this Month

It's hard to keep "in-the-know" about everything that is going on. Who knew that this month -- July -- is and almost over -- National Hot Dog Month. I only found out this week. And there are many ways to celebrate. Over the years I think about the many stands, carts and now Costco where great hot dogs are served. One of my all-time favorites was down in West Los Angeles -- Flookey's -- soooo good and fun.

But these days I satisfy my need for hot dogs after shopping at Costco -- to me it is a fine reward to enjoy one of their dogs.

Above are some of the dogs I really enjoy, As a tribute to this month I just finished a "turkey" dog a short while ago. I had all the trimmings that I like -- mustard, relish and onions -- on a slightly toasted bun. Really good. I wish I could find the place that sells poppy-seed buns like the above for both hot dogs and hamburgers -- we keep looking.

Lots of Activity from the Tree

Today, July 27 was very active for many of the folks in our tree. Several birthdays celebrated on this day and at least one marriage. The marriage involved a first cousin of mine (and yours) Sarah Ellen Hiles. She married Benjamin Franklin Bradford.

They married in 1874 and had nine children the last one born in 1890. His name was Lee Roy Bradford and he lived from 1890 to 1976 and he and his wife Mary had 19 children and their last child is Richard -- and Richard and I have communicated back and forth many times and shared information. It's a small world.

Clicking on the above you can see the birthday folks and to the right the relationship chart of Sarah Ellen Hiles to us. If you know any Bradfords they just might be our cousins.

I Might Just be a "little" Guilty

The Doctors related to both of us that Guillain-Barre may take "some" time before all the symptoms are gone. And in the meantime I would tire quickly. I may have pushed that thought when it was to my advantage to stay "at my seated post" once in a great while.

Earl Pickles on the other hand may have gotten caught with his own carelessness -- I at least do not have any bandages or other outward signs -- that I know of -- to be careful about . . .

So many of their dilemmas I can relate to . . .

Lastly a Wonderful Genealogy Show Returns

Last year it was announced after the season was over that "Who Do You Think You Are" would not be renewed for a third season by NBC. That I felt was really too bad AND then TLC announced that it would carry the show.

And so it has started this week with Kelly Clarkston as the celebrity who finds out about her family history. In this case -- if you did not see it -- Kelly finds out about her 3 x Great Grandfather and his life both through the Civil War (including being held prisoner at Andersonville) and his successful career following.

Next week it is Christina Applegate who learns about her family. The program is to me so well worth watching as they show the steps that the folks go through to uncover mysteries that usually astound the stars.

And while reading Dick Eastman's blog today I see that the first show is still available for watching online. There are several places like iTunes and at TLC itself.

To see the first program: click on    TLC to watch and see other details regarding the season.

That was a bit of our week, see you in a few. Burgers tonight (hot dogs for lunch) . . .

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