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Saturday, July 13, 2013


The week is almost over but the summery feeling continues on . . . we have appreciated the a/c most days even though in the morning we don't think that we'll need it. We are definitely into our summer mode -- which means starting the food cycle mid-morning and eating dinner close to 8 pm . . .

If you click on the above, you'll maybe able to see the bee working in each purple bloom. There are also three tomatoes all ready to eat (we had some cherry tomatoes last night) and so starts the produce this season.

There is a huge amount of apples already as seen in the bottom middle picture and there are cucumbers and peppers starting to materialize.

Seeing the Light of the Day Room

Most of us have certificates and documents once received and almost never seen again . . . and that was the case for some that I received from my brother who received them from our parents some of which were received from their parents . . .

But, Gail knows someone who does a great job framing here in town and so brought these mementos in a few weeks ago for framing. 

Above are six "old" certificates/documents and one reproduction (the Iowa/Nebraska Ad). They each are
now on the wall in our office. 

Top left is the marriage certificate for Swante (Samuel) Nelson & Ella Knutson my (our) Great Grandparents. I feel very lucky to have this and am pleased to see it framed and up on the wall where others could see it if/when they come to our office -- in the meantime the copy above will work . . .

Swante & Ella (I have heard Pella as a name too) were married in Marinette, Wisconsin the 30th day of August 1890 as testified on the document -- I have to wonder, how many folks have actually seen this paper. I believe in sharing, so this will be on the website for others to access as well. 

Next to the marriage certificate is a document in Swedish (top middle). Dop-Attest in Swedish means (I looked it up) Baptismal Certification and it looks as though about 8 months after marrying, Swante and Ella were baptized -- on the 5th of April 1891 -- again I wonder how many folks have actually seen this document.

The remaining four documents relate to my mother and starting with the two at the top right, the top one is a Promotion Certificate from the Primary Department to the Junior Department of the Lutheran Bible School.
And the one directly below that is her Graduation from Grade School (Audubon School) and entitling her to be admitted to High School.

On the bottom left is her Certificate in 1925 for Achieving Excellence in the Palmer Method of Business Writing -- it is signed by A N Palmer . . . my mother's handwriting was always legible and attractive and I would recognize it anywhere.

The bottom right has my mother's high school graduation certificate from Lake View High School in Chicago and presented to her on the 28th day of June, 1929 . . . a memorable year.

Lastly, the "Millions of Acres" reproduction ad is one like the one that maybe the first Bouldrons to come to the U.S. responded to . . . 

We know that the Thomas Bouldrons came to Iowa from England in about 1869 and they rode the train into Iowa as far as it went -- Denison is where they took up their U.S. residence. We have often speculated as to how that trip had come about -- and maybe it was because of ads like the one pictured above.

Webinar Wednesday

Last week I had  webinar withdrawal due to the holiday week and all . . . but this week was different, thank goodness AND next week is really different -- three webinars are scheduled . . .

This week the topic was Canadian Ports of Entry and Border Crossings both ways and how to accomplish research involving such things.

The speaker was very knowledgeable and presented good plans for doing this research. While I have not had huge amounts of Canadian folks, there may be more than I have discovered to date and this type of information will be helpful.

Searching the Branches

I often never know where or when I am going to find facts about relatives as I go about my search. By that I mean I often start out looking for one family or person and wind up discovering facts and things from another family -- this week that same scenario occurred: 

I came across an obituary for Amanda Kay Munyan. I probably would not have delved into the details if it were not for the fact that the name HILES  appeared in the obituary. As it turns out, Amanda is a relative of ours -- albeit fairly distant -- a half second cousin twice removed . . .

If you click on the above you'll see that Amanda was born to David Hiles and his wife Lucy. We share the same John Hiles Jr just not the same wife -- our's is Charity Reed and this is John Jr's second wife Nancy Crosby -- hence the second cousin status. Twice removed comes from the two generation difference from Amanda to me.

Never-the-less, Amanda is our cousin and she lived almost her entire life in a small radius near New Lexington, Ohio -- where so many of our folks are from.

From the Tree

Looking at the tree for anniversaries and birthdays (on this date) we find a few birthdays and one marriage on July 13 -- that we know of . . .

The marriage is of a couple that I know -- my sister's daughter and her husband.  The folks on the birthday list -- I do not know.  I would have to visit the website and refresh my knowledge on these folks. But if you are interested please visit the site and check out who celebrated their birthdays today.

Lastly, the Tiny EASY House

Our local Healdsburg High School has built a house -- a "Tiny House" and it will ultimately be auctioned off using sealed bids starting at $37,000 later this summer. The house was a project by CASA within the school and built entirely by students.

Gail and I toured the house along with Dino:

The house was very attractive and well put-together. And even though it is only 89 square feet, it has everything needed for everyday living -- probably for one person, but maybe a couple. We have already downsized so I don't thing we would be interested -- but we do know someone who might be . . .

Check out the above and maybe put in a sealed bid and offer this as a rental or a vacation home, there are a lot of possibilities.

That is a bit of our week -- hope that your week was good.  Burgers tonight . . .

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