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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Uncles Aunts and Family Plants

It was all over the map as to the weather this week. A few of the days we actually had the heat on in the morning and then switched over to the a/c in the afternoon and evening. We pretty much stuck to the home territory and worked around the house -- mostly on needle-points, puzzle points and photo points. A fresh crop of photos to scan and work on -- thank you Marv -- many I had never seen before or I claim that:

An interesting way of displaying the country -- and most of the above were either in triple digit temps or close to it. The Eastern half of the country too has a bit of humidity added in that we here in the West do not have so much of and are we thankful for at least that. I remember those Mid West heat spells and the humidity that was inescapable . . .

From the Photo Vault

I know that there are a lot of folks that have boxes and stacks of photos that are identifiable with foks in our tree. I was lucky enough to "obtain" some of the ones that can be attached to some of the folks in our tree. I am scanning them and giving the originals back to their caretaker -- Marv. And I am really thankful to have the chance to put some images alongside the names of some relatives.

Three of the above Uncles & Aunts (actually Grand Uncles & Grand Aunt) I did not have a photo for -- the remaining folks I was able to update their photos.

The unphoto'ed were Neil Herbert Nelson (did have a child photo for him) and the elusive Charles William Hiles and his wife Fanny. To see who is who -- check out the HILES website:  HILES Website
and first look at the "What's New" section and then go to the individual's home page.

Before you go to the website try to figure out the couples above . . .

And there are a variety of wonderful family get together photos as well. I have included a couple below to view:

If I didn't see "me" in the lower pic I would never have remembered this event. It obviously took place at the Dayton & Hildred Bumgardner home in Chicago. And I am guessing that it took place around 1954 judging from the youngest person in the photo being around two years old . . .

The top photo shows Mamie & Bapa (Dayton & Hildred Bumgardner) along with Mamie's siblings and their spouses -- if applicable. I recall meeting each and everyone in that picture but I do not recall them all together before or since.

The lower picture includes my whole family (including Joan, our foster sister) and my Mother's siblings and their spouses -- except for Stewart who probably took this photo. Bruce Bumgardner is the youngest person in the photo.

Webinar Wednesday (and Friday this week)

This week I figure I was lucky in that I had two webinars to attend. When you attend the "live" session the events are free of charge and remain so for about a week. Later recorded versions can be purchased. The first webinar this week was on Maryland Research -- excellent information and even if I did not have any (Maryland ancestors -- I think we do though) there were good techniques discussed,

The second webinar (Friday) was presented by Barbara Renick, a presenter I met earlier this year at out local Sonoma County Genealogical Society's event. She was excellent then and now. I learned a lot from both of the above sessions and look forward to next week when there are two more webinars scheduled, both on Wednesday . . .

Results from 23 and Me

About six weeks ago -- or so -- I sent in my tube containing the DNA to be analyzed from this the third company that I have done this with (the other two are FTDNA and AncestryDNA).

What prompted me to add the third company is the fact that 23 and Me provides a peek into medical issues as they pertain to DNA as well -- and I think that is reason enough to do it, the ancestry factors being a bonus.

I received my results back a few days ago -- I'll share some of the facts with you and some facts I will be looking at more in-depth:

I like the way that 23 and Me presents the data and how they illustrate their reports. The colorful charts help to visualize what I often find to be a complex issue. Clicking on the above you can see that my ancestry came back as 99.8% European -- no real surprise there. Included in that of course is the 16% or so Scandinavian. The remaining .2% may at some point become known.

In a few minutes, Gail is going to be "filling" the tube for her kit as well. The more people that participate the better for the study and the comparisons. On Ancestry's results we actually got a report back that Gail and I may (besides the fact that we are married) be distant cousins . . . we'll see if that happens on this test.

The Alligator Rider

One close to us celebrated her 18th birthday this week and it "seems just like yesterday" that we held her as a newborn. Congratulations to Olivia for achieving this level -- voting rights and all. She enters a university in a few months and aspires to be a teacher -- just like Gail.

We attended the family dinner for the occasion and look forward to subsequent dinners some of which could be in the neighborhood of her new school -- it could happen.

Lastly a Wordle

Every so often I plug in a past post of the HHH and put it into the "wordle" hopper. So last week's post is summarized in the following:

If you have never tried creating a Wordle you can give it a go at:     WORDLE
There are several variations that you can choose from and they are usually interesting and I might say a bit addicting.

So that was a bit of our week -- we hope that you had a good week! See you all in a few, burgers tonight!

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