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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Blogging, Baseball & Burgers -- It's Saturday!

The hot part of the week has passed in terms of weather. We made it through the high 90° days and with little watering of the yard.  The week started of course with Mother's Day and that was celebrated with the appropriate gifting and calling. When I worked in the telecommunications arena -- Mother's Day was the ultimate busy day.

Another benefit of Mother's Day is that we usually have a floral display around for several days (courtesy of Silvia, this time). We enjoyed the tulips and we enjoyed the calls from several "kids" . . . not to mention other gifts:

On the top left is Gail's new bird-bath and below that is the new "Dino" replica. On the right are two doves, I think, that appeared shortly after the bird bath was put into service . . . we had not seen these birds before nor since. They sat on the fence very quietly and calmly and then disappeared . . .

Next Week Dates to Look At

Almost none of the dates next week are for folks that I am "that" familiar with:

There are a couple that I know some things about -- maybe you are better acquainted.

From the Picture Pile

I am much more familiar with the following pics that I grabbed from the pile to present here:

And this week's webinar was very timely and educational. Put on by Maureen Taylor and Legacy Family Webinars. Maureen presented facts about many different web-based applications for working with photos.

Not only do I have a lot of photographs on my computer I have several applications that I use from time to time to make the process more fun and productive -- I have a ways to go . . .

Here are a couple of examples "from the pile":

Above are four pics,  each with Stewart Bumgardner in them. Stewart is my Mother's brother, so my maternal Uncle. These all would be from the late 1920s to early 1930s. I am not sure who the young lady in the third picture is . . . I believe the dog in the last picture might be "Prince". Of course it is Dayton Bumgardner (Stewart's Dad) pictured as well and I'm pretty sure in the yard at 2521 N Bernard St., Chicago.

On the left -- Dayton B. holding Marv Jr., Frank Johnson holding Frankie Jr. Behind them are the three Nelson sisters -- Tada, Hildred & Lillian, all in front of 2521 N Bernard St., Chicago.

The next photo shows Ruth Bumgardner (checkered dress) holding her younger sister Jean alongside an unidentified young girl.

This picture with the names "Nate" & "Date" written on it is a puzzle -- of course I recognize Dayton Bumgardner but I have no idea who "Nate" is . . .

Lastly -- Dayton relaxing in the back yard.

A Coal-Miner's Gr Gr Gr Nephew . . .

The news this week reminds me that I am sooo glad that I never went to work in a mine. The closest that I ever got to even going into a mine was the "mine exhibit in the Museum of Science & Industry" in Chicago during field trips from school.

But, I have ancestors that worked in the mines and thanks to the paper trail left mostly by the Federal Censuses taken every ten years I can share a glimpse into the life of one of those ancestors:

James Hiles, son of John Hiles Jr., and Nancy Crosby is my 3rd Gr Uncle. He was born in 1840 and died in 1917 -- so we have seven Federal Censuses in which we find him (I ignored the 1840 one).

And since he was in his early 20s at the start of the Civil War, we found him there as well.


1850 Census -- living in Harrison, Perry County, Ohio with his parents and siblings.

1860 Census -- still living in Harrison, Perry County, Ohio with his parents and siblings.

1862 through 1865 a detour with service in Company I, Ohio 114th Infantry.

To be continued next post . . . the 1870, 1880, 1890 (Special Sched), 1900 & 1910 Censuses.

The availability of the Federal Censuses really do make it nice for us to better "see" our folks.

So, that was a bit of our week -- it is Saturday and it is burgers tonight! See you all in a few!

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