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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Springtime Memorables

It is hard to believe that it is still "Spring" given the weather lately. Today it will be in the 90s and it has been on again off again warm to hot with no rain in the forecast. As a kid I loved those kinds of forecasts, today not-so-much . . .

Some of the color mostly in the front yard. The Iris opened just for a few hours and has remained closed again so far today. The "donkey-tails", at least these three look pretty good and the roses are fast fading.

Important Dates Coming Up

The marriages for the upcoming week almost but not quite equal the number of birthdays for that week:

I guess it has to do with the climate . . .

Continued From Last Post

Last post I was exhibiting the various censuses and other paper trails that our James Hiles left in his lifetime.

Recall, that I am the "coal-miner's" Gr Gr Gr Nephew . . .

On to the next census:

1870 -- Federal Census -- back from the Civil War, living in Harrison, Perry County, Ohio, now with his wife Sarah and 3 children, David, Charles & William. It says James is a "laborer".

1880 -- Federal Census -- living in Harrison, Perry, Ohio with his wife and children but also his widowed Mother, Nancy, is living with then as well.  And it says James is a "coal miner".

1890 -- Special Sched -- for surviving soldiers etc. Gives the dates of James' Civil War service and in the 
             bottom line mentions that his right thumb "shot off", I guess in the Civil War.

1900 -- Federal Census -- living in Salt Lick, Perry, Ohio with his wife Sarah and two of his kids and he
             is listed as a "coal miner" and his son John is also listed as a "coal-miner".

1910 -- Federal Census -- James' last census that he appears in (he died in 1917). He is a widower and is 
             living in York, Morgan, Ohio with his son John. They are both listed as laborers in the coal mines.

There are more documents to be found to put together a better story about James & family, but just from the above records we can see that James lived about 77 years. 

He fought in the Civil War, had his right thumb shot off but made it home to live out his years as a coal miner. And at least one of his sons became a coal miner as well. 

I feel as though I can sense a bit better the kind of life that this family experienced I would love to find pictures and other things associated with them.

So What is on Our Night Stand . . .

We finished the memoir written by Tony Bennett and enjoyed that a lot and feel that Tony is a quality human being and continues to entertain us all.

Now we have made another "celebrity" the focus of our nighttime reading:

While the "jury" is still out, the book has definitely entertained us. And as I say above, relative to the title, the "apple" surely did not fall far from the tree. The book appears on "My Library Thing" as shown in the screen print above.

And -- Who Went Where?

About once a quarter my brother and his wife head up the coast to Portland to visit their kids and grand-kids. That means we drive the airport "limo" to assist in their travel.

Some poses just before the flight at Charles Schultz Airport in Santa Rosa show the mood. While their return flight WAS delayed AND I had just seen the "Herman" joke -- I waited until now to share the sentiment. You have to wonder if there was any connection to reality . . . but you have to admit that there is a similarity to at least one of the principals flying . . .


I try to keep "on top" of the relationships that I find in our tree -- this description though makes my head spin a lot:

That actually did appear this week for one of the more distant relatives (and will forever remain distant . . .)

go ahead, figure it out . . .

But one thing is clear -- it is Saturday, Memorial Day Weekend, so enjoy the Holiday!

We are having friends over for lunch (maybe more about that next post) but we think it still will be burgers tonight . . . see you all in a few!

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