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Saturday, May 31, 2014


It was pretty warm a few days this week -- yesterday and today (so far) have been more acceptable in that it is way less hot. We did not even turn on the a/c yesterday opting to open up the windows and doors and let the hefty breeze in. I tried out a new camera indoors this week -- I'm hoping for some picture opportunities outside in the coming days.

The feathers above we bought in Idaho a few years back and they are filled with color as is the ring on the bottom right. The bottom left is actually an apron given to me last year and the other truck is a needlepoint just finished yesterday and to be framed for Father's Day . . . the flag is also a needlepoint that we have on the wall. Gail is needlepointing up a storm . . .

The clock proudly advertises "HILES" Private Label Premium and Dino has an internal clock that reminds him when to be "noticed" for feeding time . . .

Dates From the Tree

Happy birthday & best wishes to all those celebrating next week:

Click on the above to check out who may be close to you . . .

And Now Dogs & Cats Cars from our Tree

I'll search throughout the pictures for cats at another time though I already know that we only have a handful of them -- I did though include one in the "dog collage".

Rarely if ever did I NOT have a dog living in the house with me -- though there was one stretch -- in San Francisco for about ten years when I was dogless. I have made up for that now with first Auggie and now Dino.

But going through the tree pictures I managed to pull out a few pictures to commemorate some of the many many dogs in our lives. There are more than what is pictured in this collage and I hope that I can put them together for a later post:

Click on the above to see if you can identify some of the many dogs (and one cat). They belong to various folks from our tree.

And another thing that I have found ever-present in our tree is the love and attention given to our autos. The following is just a sample of the many automobiles belonging to various branches in the tree:

Hopefully you can identify at least a couple of the above -- I know I have memories of some as do some other members of different branches. One of the above is a Hudson, there is at least one Pontiac, two Buicks, an Oldsmobile, a T-Bird and a '48 Mercury Coupe . . .

Lastly, Well Said

Speaking of autos, the following is apropos. After I grew up in the Chicago area and moved away a comic strip appeared in the Chicago Herald newspaper (among others) in the '70s & '80s. So I never saw it until much later.

The strip was titled "BUMGARDNER" and judging from the characters they looked very much like the Bumgardners from my maternal branch -- but alas, I did have email contact with Jim Smith the originator of the comic and apparently there is no known connection to our Bumgardners.

Actually Jim shared with me that the name originated as "Blumgardner" and as Wallace Bumgardner was relating to his Grandson, Leonard, the family originated in England and when they were going to leave England for America they were told to get the "L" out . . . so that's the derivation of this branch of Bumgardners . . .

And so that was a bit of our week -- it is Saturday and there will be burgers tonight . . . see you all in a few!

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