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Monday, December 1, 2014

Bleak Friday -- Football Fest -- Leftovers

A bit later than usual, but catching up as fast as we can . . . Thanksgiving was filled with the traditional dinner menu complete with the roasted butterball turkey (done in 90 minutes) , twice baked potatoes, delicious stuffing, cranberries and of course green beans & rolls.

While dinner was being prepared Gail worked on the current challenging puzzle and Dino was hoping for some "spillage" of turkey carvings. Gail had more success than Dino. While this puzzle is very difficult she is making daily progress and at the current rate will be done in a few months . . .

Thanksgiving day was perfect for relaxing -- two dog shows and three football games to choose from.

The Butterball oil-free roaster finished roasting our 12 pound turkey in about 90 minutes. The perfectly done turkey tasted great and we have a bit left for the coming days. Dino only got a whiff of the poultry fragrance.

But sadly the dinner was eaten while watching the evening football game between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco Forty-Niners and that may be where indigestion began -- just kidding, but not about the game.

Dates from the Tree

Thanksgiving we had several birthdays and a few anniversaries listed on that day. Next week we have some of each but no holidays that I know of:

So best wishes to all the folks celebrating next week!

Status of the Search

Well, last week I continued my additions to the CALHOUNs from Gail's side. There are soooo many of them and there is a ton of material waiting to be found.

On the left are just a few of the many Calhoun members that I found pictures for in various places.

These can be found at our website:   Hiles Website
and please explore the hundreds of pictures available along with many other documents.

I am trying to catch up with a lot of various things this week and hopefully I will even branch out into other family groups this coming week.

It was bittersweet to view the finale this week of "Finding Your Roots". I am sure that they will be back next season with what I believe is a truly quality show.

I learned a lot about some very well-known folks and watched them as they were given details about their families that they knew very little about.

Speaking of Learning

One of the nice things about a four day week-end holiday is that on Friday and Saturday there is the feeling of perfect "buffer" days. Friday it is traditionally a day devoted to shopping -- for us the only shopping we did was at the drug store . . . thus "bleak" Friday.

But on Saturday while it rained off and on throughout the day we just were content to "let the world fly by". But one event for me was prominent in that it was a 3 1/2 hour webinar.

It was a special Holiday Boot Camp:

It was presented by Thomas MacEntee and Lisa Alzo. I have attended other sessions with them both and they have always been excellent.

This session did not disappoint. They covered numerous topics and had many many links for following up. I appreciate the way that they deliver material and realize at the same time that there is soooo much more that I could be doing.


The thread of the last four days was woven with NFL games and two dog shows. Football was a good escape this week. The major negative was the nightmare of the Forty-Niner game with the Seahawks on Thanksgiving Night:

On the right, right at the top is the lackluster showing of the Niners.

There was only one score for the Niners and that of course was not even a TD . . .

On a brighter note though it was interesting to see the response that the Raiders gave to a follow up to their only win (last week) by losing to the Rams by a huge score . . .

We did enjoy the Broncos win over the Chiefs though we felt bad for Alex Smith.

Tonight we can only wonder who will dominate that game . . .

It is hard to believe that three months of football has already
gone by -- the talk now is about the "playoffs" . . . or in the case
of the Niners, probably the lack of . . .

That was a bit of our week -- See you all in a few!

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