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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Careful What We Wish For . . .

Okay, we wished for rain -- and we got way more than we bargained for . . . if we could just spread it out a bit it would be sooo much more beneficial.  But in the meantime we may have a break.

Technically it is still fall here for a couple of weeks and the view looking out our kitchen window gives us proof of that. Then, stepping out the front door and looking back we are reminded of the Christmas Season -- Dino can't see the wreath at the moment but he loved helping to open the box.

We know how fast the time goes between Thanksgiving and Christmas every year -- we hardly have finished the leftovers from that holiday dinner and we are planning the next holiday meal -- it most likely will not be turkey (though we love turkey).

Speaking of Christmas:

So in about two and one-half weeks we hope to have finished our shopping and the truck traffic on our street may be reduced a bit as the UPS, Fedex and others will have delivered all the packages.

Dates For Next Week

Lots of birthdays next week -- including one for my daughter, my sister and a nephew.

Six couples also celebrate wedding anniversaries.

Search Results

This week I did manage to check out a different branch of the tree and it came about because of a DNA possible connection:

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have given DNA samples to three different services:
FTDNA, 23&Me and AncestryDNA.

This week I connected with D.M. as seen to the left, to verify if we are related somehow.

AncestryDNA thinks the possible range is 4th - 6th cousins . . .

After communicating via email I could easily determine that we were indeed related and probably as 3rd cousins.

The D.M. stands for David Thomas Moseley and we are connected via his Grandmother, Sadie.

His Grandmother, Sadie Lucille is the daughter of Hester Jane Hiles (Hester is the sister of my Gr Grandfather John Hiles).

On the right you can check out a snippet of the tree branch showing how the 3rd cousin relationship comes about.

I haven't had a look at David's tree, but from what I have I find a lot of Moseley folks in and around our tree.

They are and were mostly in the Monroe County area of Wisconsin though I have seen many that have branched into far away states -- just like most families.

This connection brought to my attention through AncestryDNA is successfully proven to be accurate.

Another AncestryDNA Possible

The above brings up another possible connection proposed by Ancestry -- and that is the connection of Gail to me . . .

AncestryDNA is saying that Gail and I are cousins -- possible range of 4th to 6th Cousins.

I think that I have mentioned this before but we know for sure that Gail in her first marriage had married a cousin -- now is it true that she has been married to me for twenty some years and that we ARE cousins as well . . .

To the left shows a chart about how 4th cousins are related. We have not figured out the actual connection as yet -- but I am sure that it will be interesting to say the least . . .

The tricky part is that 4th cousins are related through Gr Gr Gr Grandparents and if I am

figuring this out right -- I have 32 Gr Gr Gr Grandparents. And I have not identified those 32 folks as yet -- so I have my work cut out for me . . . not to mention that Gail has 32 sets of Gr Gr Gr Grandparents as well.

On my paternal side, John Hiles Jr & Charity Reed are my 3rd Gr Grandparents. On Gail's paternal side her 3rd Gr Grandparents are William Bouldron & Elizabeth Jatten. Only 31 more sets to identify.

Ain't genealogy fun!

What is on our Nightstand Now

Well we just finished reading Tim Conway's "What's So Funny?" Okay we have a couple more pages to read but we read the "epilogue" and that should have been it, but Tim threw in a bonus couple of pages -- but we will read those tonight and then begin:

We both have always enjoyed Billy Crystal over the years and look forward to reading his book. This will be the third biography in a row of a comedian that we have read. We're enjoying comedy for a change after the very long sagas for other stars recently read.

And Lastly

We are just taking it easy and are content to enjoy the moment and the spirit of the times much like the picture here:

Just give us a comfortable chew toy and two or three squares a day and we're fine . . .

Speaking of squares -- tonight is Saturday Night and that may mean -- burger & fries!

See you all in a few!

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