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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pineapple Express -- 12/13/14 . . .

Right now it is a beautiful sunny Saturday. I believe that we are in-between storms. The news all week has been about the storming on both coasts. But today you'd have no idea here that we had weather . . .

Above are some of the pictures taken in our town on Thursday, December 11. We were busy at home and never left the house and enjoyed the sounds of rain -- AND we were lucky too in that we did not lose power.

We had no idea that the town was in the condition that even Scott Pelley on the CBS National News (Western Edition) talked about. We saw it on local and national news and couldn't believe our eyes.

So Friday we decided to go have a look-see . . . we found NO water anywhere but a few scattered sandbags were spotted. The water had gone back to wherever it goes. No kayaks, canoes or rain gear was seen . . .

But, there is supposed to be more rain tomorrow and the next few days, so maybe we'll see some more water sports.

We are also glad that we do not live among the 12 giant oak trees that we used to live under -- many trees have been downed so we'll have to drive by to check on the old homestead.

Unfortunately I think we are still in a drought condition.

Next Week Dates from our Tree

There are more than 30 celebrating birthdays next week and about half as many wedding anniversaries:

Best wishes to all!

Speaking of Dates

Thanks to Gail for pointing this out to me, but today is the last sequential date of this year. And as the AP article reported, it is the last sequential calendar date for at least 20 years.

The next sequential date is coming January 2, 2034.

And if you are waiting for 1-2-3, that will return
on January 2, 2103, another 89 years away.

I have always found it fun to notice the sequences in dates but I do not have any sequential dates matching up with significant life events -- that I am aware of anyway.

Nostalgic Holiday Ads

Growing up the following ads were everywhere in the local and national newspapers and magazines:

Thanks to and magazine for the above ads. These familiar ads eventually faded out of use just as the glass bottles did.

I still prefer soft drinks in glass bottles over aluminum cans or plastic bottles. But even though I still see some ads showing glass bottles, at least here in California they are non-existent -- except for some specialty ones and for some bottled in Mexico.

I remember working in supermarkets in the 50s and having to "work" the bottle rooms. Growing up bottles got a 2 cent deposit charged to each which meant that people brought the empties back to a store that sold that brand.

And the deposit money came in handy for us kids when we found them in quantitiy and took the time to lug them back . . . saving the environment too.

The Status of the Search

I did a lot of miscellaneous searching this week without really any major or significant finds. Some of the surnames that I worked on:  HILES, BOULDRON, BUMGARDNER, CALHOUN, CLARK, CARR, DEARING, DUPLER, FILLMORE, GILLETT, KETCHUM, LEHMAN, MARTIN, NELSON, RAHMAN, ROT, SHAFFER, SWANSON and a few others

I also attended a very good webinar this week. The webinar was all about searching North Carolina relatives -- unfortunately there are very few (if any) relatives from our tree from North Carolina.

However, there was still much to be learned because of the process that can be utilized for other areas and places.

Early Gifting for Some . . .

Dino got his wish yesterday. We decided that it could not wait until the 25th  . . .

We gave Dino a peanut butter flavored bone on June 24th of this year and he has chewed it almost everyday since.

The stubby bone on the right is all that is left of a very large Nyla-bone pictured new on the left.

It wasn't only for Dino in that he brings it to one of us to hold while he gnaws away and that little nub was getting too difficult to hold. Now he has about six months to chew on the new chew and that's pretty good -- just two bones a year.

We haven't told him but he is getting an Elk antler too as a special gift item . . . for Christmas.

The Special Holiday Decorations

We're old . . . for the first time in 7 decades there will not be a large full size Christmas tree in our living area at home.

We are very content with our holiday decor this year and as someone on TV mentioned earlier this week, the smaller sized tree just makes those gifts all that larger . . .

And with the ever present Yankee Candle -- Christmas Wreath flavor -- burning, it smells like Christmas too.

So, we are set for Christmas in terms of decorations -- we do have a little shopping yet to do, but mostly waiting for UPS, Fedex and the USPS to bring us stuff that we have ordered.

So that is a bit of our week, we hope yours is going well too! See you all in a few!

It is Saturday night, we might have burgers, or then again we might have fish . . .

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