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Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year's Moon

Last week we had the Christmas Moon which was several nights of a crescent shape and this week starting last night a full moon appearing over the houses across the street and winding it's way around to the back yard high in the sky.

So a New Year's Moon . . .

Polar plunge anyone?  We saw pictures from across the country showing the daring folks who started the year by taking the plunge into some body of water with freezing temperatures all around.

Who would have thought that here in Healdsburg we too had freezing temperatures. Actually our nighttimes temps have been well below the freezing point the last several days.

On New Year's Day just before tuning in the Rose Parade (from Pasadena) my new weather station pointed out the 27 degrees outside . . .

Speaking of the Rose Parade, having lived in Pasadena for several years, I remember well spending the evening on Colorado Blvd waiting for the parade to arrive the next morning. That ship has sailed though as now it is just fine observing from the comforts of home.

New Year's Eve Eve . . .

We are such party animals . . .  well maybe not so much. But we did have a great time:

The celebration started at an early hour and concluded well before the bewitching hour.

My brother and his wife came over for a holiday dinner -- a purely quiet evening topped off with just plain comfort food.

Coming from the Midwest both my brother and I absolutely love meatloaf and remember watching our mother prepare that loaf working all the ingredients by hand.

I too wound up with "meatloaf" smelling hands and the results were great.

We also enjoyed twice baked potatoes and of course fresh green beans. For dessert, it was vanilla ice cream and/or sherbet along with some of Pepperidge Farms finest cookies . . .

We had a chance to reminisce about holidays past and some of the current goings-on today. For certain we are in a different phase of celebrating the holidays. We enjoyed these recent holidays.

Current Search Results

Over to the right you can see some of the most recent photo updates that I have made on the HILES website.

I try to work on that site every day even if it is just a little tweaking. Of course it all takes time.

When I receive photo Christmas cards (and it seems that we get more and more these days) I can then update pictures for folks in the tree.

Also, I update photos from other sources as well. When you get the chance you might visit the site to see the updated images and documents.

To visit the site:    HILES Website  and please remember that I am happy to offer assistance about the site and to even give tours . . .

If you have suggestions about the site, please let me know.

It Takes a Village

Gail has been working on the puzzle pictured on the left since Thanksgiving.

The puzzle is truly a challenge and the most difficult part is at hand -- the border.

Olivia stopped by for a quick visit and was able to actually find four pieces of the all one color border, giving hope for finding the rest.

Gail had another friend stop over the other day and she found one piece, so little by little the puzzle will get done -- but it will take the "village" one by one . . . I'm steering clear.

Something Fishy

Our aquarium has taken in a new inhabitant -- a lion fish. It is a magnificent specimen and seems to like his surroundings:

We are hoping that he stays for awhile. He has already captured the imagination of some visitors. We may just need to find compatible tank-mates. In the meantime, it is enjoyable to see the regal fish as he rules his twelve gallon domain.

And that is about it for the first week of 2015. Later today we will start watching the NFL playoffs.
The team that we would have been rooting for, of course, is also a spectator for the playoffs.

But it is still Saturday and that means burgers fillet of sole. So there you have it, see you all in a few!

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