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Saturday, January 31, 2015

West Coast -- East Coast

There is a BIG difference in the geographic coasts in terms of current weather. We here in Northern California will again be in the 70s this weekend. Not so in the East.

It is fair to say that the respective roads look similar to the above. I have lived with both conditions and I do have a preference, though they both have some emotional ties.

It is hard to say how different our lives would be if we were living with the snowy conditions. Right now we go out only to maybe shop for necessities and I suppose that would be the case in the snow except that we might use Amazon even more to deliver our everyday items.

So How Are Those Begonias ?

About 40 years ago Gail borrowed some begonia cuttings from her mother's favorite begonia.

From those days until now she has kept several plants alive from those cuttings.

We have them in several rooms in the house and Gail dutifully cares for them each week.

But something magical happened this week to the begonia in our guest bathroom -- it has produced flowers.

Gail does not ever recall seeing flowers on any of the begonias that we have in the house. For whatever reason the above begonia chose to have these beautiful white blossoms.

I suppose some research is called for . . .

Events of the Week

This was a webinar-filled week which for me was a good thing! Besides taking a fresh look at how-to-do genealogy the webinars provided fresh perspectives and techniques.

The first webinar this week was on "scrap booking". While I found it interesting, I am not sure how involved I will be in that. I love the results of some of the work and I certainly have some material that I could use to make family genealogy exhibits -- we'll have to wait and see . . .

The next two webinars had to do with "using newspapers" to flesh out more about our relatives. This is something that I use all the time but welcomed the material that was presented by both Thomas MacEntee and Michelle Patient.

There are a "ton" of resources that provide both current and historical views of newspapers. I look forward to delving more into newspapers and am anxious to share what I find.

An Early Valentine

Gail put her energy into completing the puzzle that she had been working on (since Thanksgiving)
during last week -- and it was satisfying. The one thing that was a "downer" was that somehow two pieces were missing in the middle of the puzzle.

But we have been buying Liberty Puzzles for the last several years and they are precision laser cut wooden puzzles. They have a wonderful "fragrance" of freshly cut wood when you open the box.

In this case -- with two missing pieces -- we took a picture of the puzzle and emailed that to Liberty. Since the cutting is computer controlled and the pieces easily identified -- within a couple of days we had the missing pieces mailed to us enabling the puzzle to be complete.  Wow!

We also ordered a new puzzle (for Valentine's Day) but when it arrived a few days later Gail was looking for a puzzle challenge and so she has started that one now as well.

Above you can click and make the picture larger and see the intricate and interesting shapes used in this heart-shaped puzzle. The only problem is that Gail is moving way-too-fast towards completing this one . . .

Some Tree Researching

On the right can be seen the pedigree chart for Clarence Fisher . . . "Who, you might ask, is Clarence Lucas Fisher?"

Christopher Hiles is the brother of John Hiles Jr who is my 3rd Great Grandfather.

Christopher's youngest daughter, Mary Polly Hiles married George Washington Lehman.

And they had a daughter Nancy Lehman who
met (and maybe married) Henry Fisher and from
that union came Clarence . . . who would be a 3rd
cousin to me.

On the left is a snapshot of the 1860 Federal Census from Green, Hocking County, Ohio.

Three families listed living in a row are relatives:  Christopher Hiles and his wife Jane and next to them can be found George Lehman and Mary with family including Nancy.

At the top is John C Hiles another son of Christopher and his family.

This would be just about the time of the start of the Civil War.

This whole exercise started with a request for information that I received from another user regarding a question about Clarence Lucas Fisher who up til this week I was not aware of . . .

The pedigree chart shows that Clarence married Ada Kimmel, what it doesn't show is that they had a large family -- possibly nine children -- all of whom would be cousins of mine (ours).

Hopefully,  I'll be able to trace some of these newly found cousins to living folks and maybe even be able to communicate with them. We'll see.

Tomorrow's  Big Game

Of course we are looking forward to watching the 49th Super Bowl game.

We have our special menu of "eats" for during the game.

And we are always interested in the variation
of the "big" personalities that are always present
at the Super Bowl.

And we like to watch the commercials for a change. At $ 4 to $5 million per commercial they just gotta be good.

And Lastly . . .

I think it was my daughter who sent this to me and I found it very amusing. My mother always expressed dismay over Ralph's braggadocio manner and threats, even though this would put some credence to his talk . . .

And so went our week -- it is Saturday and it may mean burgers . . . see you all in a few!

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