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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rain . . . and Then Some

It's true, we did get some rain this week. Not a lot but some. The grass and other plants appreciate it. The forecast does not look good though for much more rain in the near future. We still are living in the shadow of a big drought.

There's something comforting about rainy days -- even dreary rainy days. Which for us translated into comfort food. We had roast beef for two dinners this week, we had pork roast for two dinners this week, we had salmon along with angel-hair pasta and fresh vegetables just to name a few.

We're as comfy as the pelican atop our arbor. Dino has to be "encouraged" more to go outside for his "business trips" after which he curls right up on one of his beds.

Here's Good Advice -- NOT

It is hard to imagine this kind of thinking from just about 60 years ago. This was an ad placed by "The Soda Pop Board of America".

I remember growing up in the 40s and 50s and "pop" was very popular but fortunately, our family was only allowed to have "pop" with Saturday night's dinner (burgers).

This ad and many others are amazing to look at as I pour over old newspapers. As a matter of fact, I just received a new book -- "Searching for Your Ancestors in Historic Newspapers" this morning as I was about to start writing this post.

I do subscribe to a couple of newspaper sites as well as that includes newspapers. It is fun to find facts about relatives and then look at the ads of the period.

I am hoping that the new book will give me even more ways to explore old newspapers.

Genealogy on TV

This week "Genealogy Roadshow" started again. It is on PBS on Tuesday nights starting from January 13 through February 24.

This week the show was in New Orleans with several folks having their genealogical questions addressed.

The show is down-to-earth and a pleasure to watch.

I'm hoping that on one of these episodes I will strike-it-rich and find out about someone from our tree -- highly unlikely, but maybe the method used will enlighten me to make the same discoveries about one of our folks -- we'll see.

Genealogy On The Web

Well, I spend a lot of time "on-the-web" and this week was no exception. I got lucky in that there were two webinars from "Legacy Family Tree Webinars" on this week. The first was their first evening webinar on Wednesday night and the second was on Friday morning.

Mary Hill on Wednesday evening presented how to track your relatives via migration patterns by using the "big four" record sources. Then Marian Pierre-Louis presented "Expanding Your Research from a Single Fact".

Both webinars were excellent and are available for about a week at no charge on the Family Tree Webinar site.

The upcoming webinars are listed and next week's Wednesday presentation should be a real doozy in that Thomas MacEntee is going to detail how he is going to "start over" with his genealogical research after many years of work.

NFLology On TV

Well, genealogy is only part of my (our) scheduled activity this week.

It is hard to believe that the NFL season is almost over for this season.

But tomorrow is the second to last big NFL game days.

Starting in Seattle the Packers will contend with the "12th Man" and maybe some rain to play that Championship game. On Fox.

Then the afternoon game will be between New England and Indianapolis on CBS. The winners then of these two games will meet for Super Bowl 49 in Phoenix on February 1.

Don't even ask about ticket prices, hotel prices (or availability) or air-fares . . . unless you are a recent lotto winner . . . for us TV will just be fine, actually much better.

Lastly --

Actually I am working on gathering more information from a "cousin" in Wisconsin that I just met recently due to a close match of DNA.

We are e-mailing things back and forth and he is exploring the HILES website. Hopefully I'll have
new found people and things to talk about shortly.

And today being dreary, cool and looking-like-rain, we might just have some real comfort food for dinner -- chicken pot-pies . . .

See you all in a few!

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