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Saturday, January 9, 2016

On Again, Off Again -- The Weather

It has been an interesting weather week and it looks as though that pattern will continue into the coming days. It is hard to predict when we leave the house whether we will be hit with a deluge or bask in sunlight -- we actually are enjoying either.

The next week's weather is predicted above -- three days of rain, three days of sun and one gray day.

Dino has taken to curling up on one of his mats most of the day. When it is time to go on a business trip, he usually doesn't take a long time to finish his business and get back inside as soon as possible.

He is not a fan of water except frozen cubes of water as a treat. We marvel over the fact that he enjoys ice cubes all year around.

Two Events this Week

This week started two events that I enjoy -- "Finding Your Roots" and "Legacy Family Tree Webinars" :

"Finding Your Roots" began last Tuesday and was one of the best so far. It is amazing the details that Henry Louis Gates finds out about the three folks that are featured each week. Coming up next Tuesday will also be another very interesting week as Gates has a way of weaving the featured folks together somehow.

Then the first webinar of the year was presented by Lisa Louise Cooke and she always does a fantastic job. The topic was a favorite of mine -- "Unleash Your Inner Private Eye". Finding details re living folks is usually difficult but Lisa gave several of her tips on how to be successful at it.

I'll continue to practice "being a gumshoe" it is very fascinating to work at that, and you never know what will "pop-up".

Here is a collage of some of the things that I was looking at this week while practicing:

There is never a dull moment as I accumulate a huge variety of documents, photos, charts and graphs relating to some branch in the tree. The problem continues to be -- how do I manage to file all this material in the appropriate place and how do I update the tree with all this newly uncovered detail.

For someone like me who is retired from a career it certainly provides me with a never-ending supply of work.

Two Events Coming Up

In just a few minutes the Wild Card playoff games will begin.

The Chiefs will be playing the Texans for the Wild Card slot in the AFC.

Later today, the Steelers will be playing the Bengals for the Wild Card slot in the NFC.

Tomorrow also will be two exciting games as well:  Seahawks vs the Vikings and then the Packers vs the Redskins.

Guess whose iPad will be working overtime in the next couple of days. I use the "couch time" to multitask usually as I watch the games. So I do my online family search sleuthing while enjoying, hopefully, the game that I am watching.

I have to be careful though that I do not look at any news alerts about the games as we watch them in recorded mode. Just love technology -- most of the time.

The other event "coming up" is, of course, the PowerBall Lotto.

It is unbelievable that the total jackpot was over $900 million at the time I purchased my ticket.

I have to say that there is a lot more interest in the drawing "when one has a ticket" . . .

It matters NOT to me what the odds are, for maybe someone will win this day.

If no-one wins tonight, I can not imagine what will happen next week.

So that is a bit about our week here in rainy/sunny Healdsburg, California. It is Saturday and that
means burgers burritos.  Enjoy the weekend, see you all "in a few"!

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