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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sutter & Back, Napa Two

With an incredible timing, we made our second trip to Napa yesterday to have Dino evaluated for the hospital therapy training for him and for us.

This time, there was no intermittent rain squalls with only sunshine to guide us all the way there and back.

We did not see a repeat of the rainbow that we witnessed last week -- but we did see absolute stunning color throughout the region. The vineyards are blooming between the rows of vines with mustard plants.

Mustard plants are therapeutic for grapevines and they add such an amazing blanket of visual pleasure for those of us driving by . . .

In Napa, it was a successful morning for Dino as he passed his evaluation to be certified to visit folks in hospitals as a therapy dog.

He got measured for his new vest and pictures taken for his badge (along with ones for us too).

We have one more meeting in Napa (next week) and then later a trip to a hospital with a mentoring party and then Dino will be given his vest and we will work on arranging where to visit first.

It is ironic, but this certification DID NOT come in time to visit Gail this week who spent three days in the hospital with an emergency appendectomy.

Early Tuesday morning Gail had undiagnosed symptoms and after talking with our doctor, he recommended that we go into the E.R.

We arrived at the E.R. midmorning and for the next nine hours she was being attended to there.

There were two or three possible diagnoses and eventually it was decided that she be admitted to the hospital. The only problem was that the hospital was full AND the hospitals in the local area were also full . . .

Eventually, around 7 p.m. a room at Sutter became available and she was admitted. At 7:30, a surgeon appeared ready to perform surgery as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the E.R. did not tell the hospital about the surgery and Gail had been given a dinner and eaten it . . .

This meant that the surgery could not take place until about 5 a.m. or 6 a.m. Wednesday which it did.
The good news is that all went well. Gail was discharged late on Thursday and is recuperating at home.

She has done well, with only a smattering of pain, but is very sleepy and tired. She did feel strong enough to see Dino go through his evaluation in Napa.

So, what a week and that is why I mentioned "incredible timing" because a day later and we would not have been up for Napa. Gail was in the hospital about 80 hours and I attended for about 20 of those hours. Needless to say, our week was disjointed but hopefully is coming back together again.

Coming up . . .

Who could forget Iowa and the caucuses that will be taking place tomorrow there.

I'm not real clear on what takes place during a "caucus" but I do know that there will be results.

And those results will be broadcast and used for analysis everywhere.

Apparently the caucuses meet mainly in private homes and local halls and there are differences between how the Republicans hold a caucus and how the Democrats hold their caucuses.

The next day, Tuesday, is another event -- Ground Hog Day.

If that day came one day sooner (in Iowa) the woodchucks would probably all go back to hibernating what with all the caucus stuff casting shadows everywhere . . .

Then, on that same day (or any day if you record the program) will be another interesting genealogy program featuring "finding the roots of Richard Branson" and two others.

After visiting Gail in the hospital, and eating a very late dinner, I watched last week's Finding Your Roots that featured Jimmy Kimmel and two others.

I absolutely enjoy this show and only wish that it would be on for a longer period of time.

And lastly this week, there will be the SuperBowl, SuperBowl 50, here in the Bay Area.

The festivities have already commenced with the opening of "SuperBowl City" in the heart of San Francisco. There are numerous events and attractions for millions of visitors to enjoy.

I'm glad that Gail & I no longer live in the city because I know that the huge influx of people would have some impact on our everyday lives there.

We can enjoy all the events and attractions from "afar" just as most of the country will. We just hope that the hype surrounding the game will still let us see a decent football game.

We may be purchasing extra avocados this week and then go from there with an appropriate menu to watch the game.

That's a bit of our week. See you all "in a few"!

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