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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Playoffs, Playoffs, Debatable

This has been another on again off again week in terms of weather. At the moment, it is raining but the sun is trying to break through. Yesterday was similar, but the sun was successful.  Earlier the rains came -- a lot. The nice thing though is that while it rains very hard for a day it then relaxes enough so that so far the ground is absorbing the water and very little flooding is the result.

Above is what it looks like outback today. I show the bird feeding stations because in between the downpours, the birds (all kinds) are very actively eating. Sometimes from the feeders, but a lot from the large apple tree in the next yard that still has some hanging fruit for the taking.

You can see at least three varieties of birds and one variety of Labrador and one of apple . . .

Dino loves the sounds of the rain and spends a lot of time "resting". He will reluctantly go out for a business trip every few hours or so.

It seems like springtime with to see the very large Robins flying around. Besides the seeds and apples, there is an abundance of large
worms to feed on.

The sun has broken through once again and soon it will just seem like a summer day again.

More rain is scheduled for the coming week and that's a very good thing.

We're hoping that the drought will be finally a thing of the past.

Off to the left is my "search collage" from this week.

Again I hit a variety of web sites and found a huge variety of things to put into the tree.

One of these days I'll hopefully catch up on the more than 10,000 screenshots that I have accumulated relating to the family is some sort of a way.

Each week I take more and more screen shots as I run around the web. I try to do the filing as I go, but that never works out. The hunt is so much more fun than the filing . . .

One thing though that I really enjoyed was discovering that I had a copy of the signature of my Great Great Great Grandfather. I have had it for some time, but had not identified it as such:

The signature was put on the pension papers of John Jr's son, George W Hiles after he was killed in the Civil War in 1862. The signature dates to 1863.

That means that John Jr was about 74 at the time that he signed. He lived for another 12 years, dying at the age of 86. It is just amazing to see his actual signature. Some others witnessing that document did so with their "mark".

Coming up in just a little bit will be the first game of the NFL divisional playoffs this weekend.

We plan to watch all four of these games as we did last weekend.

The playoff games are usually filled with the energies of both teams as they all know that it is a "do or die" situation.

Lastly, this weekend, we plan to watch the Democratic debate on Sunday Night.  We just watched the Republican debate a couple of nights ago.

The race is getting more intense and somewhat interesting. The Republicans, it is rumored, has been whittled down to just four candidates.

The Democrats still have all three candidates . . .

Next year at this time there will be a new president. Who is it going to be. Time will tell.

And so that is a bit of our week. See you all "in a few"

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