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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Full Moon -- Full Sun . . .

September, one of my favorite months of the year and to have a full "harvest" moon is captivating. We go out each night and peer up through the lattice over the deck and spot the orangish sphere shining brightly.

The other reality for September -- this week especially is the "full sun". We usually sit out back in the morning with Dino and take in the warmth generated by that sun. Today we only sat out there for a short period. The full sun was HOT already -- it is supposed to be near 100 ☼.

We plan to utilize the cooling effects of the a/c to keep us comfortable today. And another benefit to the sun today is that it will be way too hot to work on our garage organization project -- oh darn . . .

There is a ton of football and baseball games to entertain us today and we have already programmed the DVD to record them and we'll pick and choose which games to watch and what parts of those games to "speed through" -- like commercials . . .

The time is flying by in this election year and now we only have 50 days left.

When there are really only two choices for president the daily news items play games with your thinking. We wish that the other two candidates could be considered, but NOT . . .

One day, you can say "Well that cinches my choice" and then the other
candidate does something and we are torn again and the ambivalence
starts anew.

Maybe I should turn off the political news on TV and stop reading the newspaper.

The genealogical searching continues and the listening to podcasts and webinars is ongoing.

I try to mix up the resources and look at many different sites for help in the search.

One of the sites that I have used on occasion is Genealogy In Time Magazine and you can check it out yourself by clicking the above link.

They have a great search engine and always report about new resources to further the search. They also offer a library of photos that are available for our use. I have been using GIT more and more lately as they have given me benefits.

Gail, on the other hand keeps busy, in her free time that is, on needle point work.

She is working on some new designs that are -- I think -- stunning,

She recently completed the designs on the right.

They are finished as coasters and are really attractive.

A few years ago we were lucky to have a Needlepoint Store in our town.

That has gone by the wayside though and now mostly supplies and other needed services for needlepoint have to be completed online.

Though on occasion we have driven the roughly 100 mile round trip to the nearest store.

The above things are what we have been doing, to the left pretty much sums up what Dino does.

He does that in almost every room in the house and it doesn't even matter if he lands on one of the four beds that his has around or just on the floor somewhere.

This afternoon I'm sure after he has been outside on a "business" trip he'll lay flat out next to the register that shoots out a/c . . .

All in all as that ad says:  "things are lookin' up". We try to maintain a doable routine that is satisfying for us.

At the same time, there is always "that garage project" that creeps back into our awareness. And guess what -- we are actually close to the time when we can put one car into the garage. That would be amazing.

Which car will it be that gets garaged . . . we'll let you know.

And that is a bit of our week. It is Sunday, maybe due for some fried chicken.

See you all "in a few" !

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