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Sunday, September 25, 2016

It's Fall . . . Really?

It is supposed to be 100° here in our town today -- that hardly says "fall". And speaking of that particular "f" word, we are reluctant to use it too often around here due to the current state of being.

There are things falling around here just not us at the moment. During the day lately we have had the house pretty much closed up due to the temperature. But in the evening after we open all the windows and doors every once in awhile we ask "did you hear that ?" it's usually one of the many apples that fall mostly during the evening and night time and they bounce off of things or just go splat . . .

We have a large and really productive green apple tree in the back. Last week we made a trip to the local food pantry with bags of picked and select apples for others to enjoy. We used to make a variety of things for our own use, but have slacked off of that this year.

Some of the apples make it into the pool which provides a "bobbing" opportunity and several that have been pecked by the birds and are going bad smash to the pavement and attract bees and flies.

We have another apple tree on the side of the house in the front -- we haven't even checked on that yet -- maybe next week.

Where did all the time go this week?

Gail refers to a calendar everyday to check on "what's happening".

She stays on top of birthdays and anniversaries that way. I produce a calendar for her that is generated from Family Tree Maker and I include as many of the pertinent relatives from the tree that I can.

Last year when I synced the tree with the FTM tree it erased all information re living folks. That meant that to produce a calendar which was useful I had to go back in and re enter the dates and facts for each person.

The calendar project took up many hours, but it did help to "fill in many blanks" so to speak. There are still some folks that I need data on and over the coming weeks I'll be looking for that so that I can be up to date.

So, I have printed out an 18 month calendar for us and we will be set 'til sometime in 2018 . . .

Where else did we spend our time this week?

 Last week we mentioned that our goal was to be able to park at least one car in the garage.

We have accomplished that goal and we are now a "one-car" family and that car is IN the garage -- yeah!

We now have pledged to do a little each day to take care of the rest of the garage so that we can move around with ease.

We did make two trips to the Goodwill nearby and will be making additional trips again soon.

Today, due to the heat and other commitments (NFL) we'll take a break from garage duty.

Other events this past week:

Dino turned five years old. It is really hard to imagine that he is "middle-age" -- but he is. He is a fantastic dog and a great companion for us.

Above is a look at his eyes, first as a 10 week old pup and then five years later and on the right are the eyes peering out from a birthday card from Cuz Bruce.

And then there is "mine eyes have seen . . ."

A spread of seventy some years from the eyes on the left to the eyes on the right.

And events coming up:

And in about an hour, we'll be watching "the" game.

For us it is the Niners versus the Hawks. It is never a dull game when these two teams meet.

But I have to say that football in general has lost some of the luster and magic lately due to pregame activities.

It is no longer the magical escape for three hours and I hope that it can return to being that again.

And lastly coming up in 30 some hours:

It is the first of the presidential debates.

I certainly remember some of the first televised debates -- especially the sweating Nixon and the cool Kennedy one . . .

What will this debate be like -- I can only imagine.

We'll know shortly.

That is a bit of our week, see you "in a few" !

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