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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Respite from Labor . . .

Or so they say . . . even though we are retired and have been for several years, we'd welcome a respite from our everyday labor. But for us the everyday tasks still go on, maybe there should be a "Retired Persons Holiday".  Still "Labor Day" has a good ring to it and brings up a lot of good memories.

One of the memories is of the "Bumbershoot" festival held in Seattle every Labor Day Weekend. I hadn't thought about that one for awhile but we enjoyed it for the ten years that I lived in the Seattle Area -- and now my children can enjoy it still.

For my generation Labor Day mostly meant the end of summer as we knew it because of "back to school". That is all changed nowadays. But also living in the Midwest meant cooler days and eventually just plain colder days.

Living here in Northern California, we do have a sense of a weather change coming but the next two months are usually very nice in terms of weather.

We are awaiting a new front door to be installed that includes a screen door as well. That will be a welcome addition to enhance airflow in the coming weeks.

Time marches on and it seems to be at a very fast clip as the graph to the
right shows. In a way it is the "end of time" daylight saving time specifically. That ends two days prior to the other "end of time" event -- the Presidential election i.e.

So in 62 days we set our clocks back and in 64 days we'll find out what else gets set back . . .

There is a lot more to comment on this subject in the coming weeks.

Speaking of "set-backs" for us (me especially)
the watching of a football game gave me a 3 hour window of time to forget the outside world and just enjoy the magic on the field.

This week that changed for us and the current state of the protest exhibited by the SF 49er player(s) and one from the Seahawks have eroded that window.

It is our feeling that if that style of protest expands -- we may just NOT watch NFL this year. We'll see . . .

On a much more positive note my sister and her husband are celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary -- and to think I attended that event those many years ago . . .

Recently they moved from Florida (their part year residence) back to Illinois and and given the current weather I bet that they are thrilled about their decision.

We wish them both the very best on their special day!

So, what has been added to the nightstand this week -- besides the many other books being currently read, the book to the left has been added -- "After Camelot"

We are "reading" (Audible is reading to us) in the evening at bedtime this fascinating insight into the Kennedy family.

So far we have been enlightened as to the many different personalities found among the "royal family".

So much we knew about but not in this amount of detail.

We are also reading the book by Clint Hill "Five Presidents" which just happens that he is describing some of the same Kennedy personalities as well.

I guess because life for us at the time these events were occurring
was much more involved than now, these events take on a better understanding.

And lastly, what's a holiday weekend without special eats.

Tonight we are planning on having chef salads with all the trimmings. Gail says I always make too much -- but as hard as I try I just keep adding stuff

But the salads are in preparation for the "rare" inclusion of one of our favorite beef steaks of all time, a ribeye . . .

We have a new stove-top griller that we have used this last week on chicken cutlets, hamburgers, salmon fillets and now tomorrow night the ribeye.

The griller is perfect -- no charcoal needed and very easy to clean-up -- we are enjoying the different tastes.

So that is a bit of our week. Enjoy the rest of the Labor Day weekend and we'll see you all "in a few"!

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