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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hurricanes & Other Category 4-5 Events

Hurricane Matthew  HilDon hit this week. It is almost impossible to describe the scenario. The coming days will reveal the aftermath of these "hits". I think about the folks in the several states who may have already cast their ballots -- it looks like there is more decision-making info to come . . .

The eyes have it all again. This week on Monday, we here in Healdsburg were wakin' to the gentle sounds of bacon rain. It was a sound that we had not heard for several weeks or even months. It meant that I did not have to do the usual lawn & garden watering for a couple of days.

Unfortunately, folks in other parts of the country and the world were experiencing the sounds associated with a category 4 storm. In the political arena we are experiencing category 5 stuff . . .

But I still managed to fit in a Legacy Webinar that I at first glance of the subject matter  did not give it much hope of being interesting -- but  was pleasantly surprised at how really interesting it was.

The presentation by Ron Arons built around the members of his family tree with real life examples of his analysis of his own relatives handwriting albeit some were "black sheep" relatives.

I liked the black sheep example and think it may be of interest to search for some of those in our tree -- though it is highly unlikely that I will be successful, just saying.

The webinar led me to send away for one of the books recommended and it just arrived late yesterday called "Handwriting Analysis Putting It to Work for You".

I've read the first few pages and am intrigued. So it will be one more book to squeeze into the daily regimen, but a fun one I think.

One of the other events that we watched was the start of the National League Division Series, best of 5 games between the Cubs and the SF Giants.

Off to the right is a view of Wrigley Field, the stadium from my childhood days. I grew up watching the Cubs on channel 9 WGN, Jack Brickhouse reporting, sponsored by Hamms "the beer refreshing" . . .

In those days there were no night games at Wrigley because they did not have lights, so all games were played in the daytime.

Well, unfortunately for the Giants, they have lost the first two games, which means they can not lose another to stay in the quest for the pennant and ultimately, the World Series title.

On the other hand, I am a bit torn, the Cubbies are looking better to move on. They haven't been in a World Series since the days of WWII. And they have not won a World Series title since 1908.

This year baseball is holding a lot more of our interest than the NFL, which we peek at, but are just not that enthused about due to several factors, enough said.

So -- what's all the fuss about clowns. So far I don't get it.

I did happen to find a picture of my father from 1967, standing in front of a gallery that happens to have a clown picture looking over his shoulder.

So I added a a gallery of additional clowns who look suspiciously like the one in my dad's pic.

I will be watching the news for updates to the "clown" situation -- speaking of clowns:

The second "presidential" debate is scheduled to take place in a few hours.

In the light of the latest news items, I can not imagine how the two candidates will manage to appear to be presidential.

This election is starting to be a real conundrum.

In the many presidential election campaigns that I have witnessed over the years (starting with the Harry S Truman campaign) I do not think that there has ever been a campaign like this one.

And as "Dandy Don Meredith" used to sing on Monday Night Football at the appropriate time: "The party's over. . ." and it may be, sad to say.

And lastly, back to genealogy and more specifically DNA, I continue to receive newly found relatives from the three DNA services that I donated my DNA to -- unfortunately it is still difficult to prove how they are related -- but I'm sure that that will become easier with time.

At least I don't have the following issue (or I think I don't):

So that is a bit of our week. See you all "in a few"!

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