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Sunday, October 23, 2016

World Serious -- Really !

It has taken a lifetime, but finally I may get to watch a World Series game played by the Chicago Cubs!  It was 1945 and if I had a memory like Mary Lou Henner I might be able to describe the most recent time that the Cubbies played the big stage.

But, no matter, Tuesday will be the first game of the 2016 Series, this one will feature the Chicago Cubs versus the Cleveland Indians.

It would have been while living in "the little house", no prairie, that I probably heard the game on a radio like the one above and featuring some of the '45 Cubs team players.

The world event clock was huge at that time  what with the ending of WWII and the brink of "good-times" for us in the U.S. Though there was a lot going on at the time, I'm pretty sure that my folks would have been joining the thousands of others in our neck-of-the-woods and listen to the games.

If anyone in the neighborhood had TV, I would be very surprised. the first I remember TV was about 1949 and then not on a set that could be found in our home . . .

President Truman was just in office for six months when the World Series was played, but he had much bigger concerns to deal with e.g. the aftermath of the "bomb" and all.

But never-the-less, watching the Cubs win the pennant last night was amazing. And then the partying that went on in Chicago. It was a long time coming.

Speaking of the President . . . there are just 15 days before the election of a "new" President.

What possibly could go wrong in that short time . . . we're witnessing some of it every day and I feel that we will be witnessing a lot more after the election, no matter who is the winner.

This week we will sit down and go over all the literature for the various proposed bills and legislation that we are to vote on . . .

This week while I did a lot of entry work on various branches of our tree. I also attended a second webinar on researching homes.

This one was presented by NEHGS known as American Ancestors. It was very well done and I learned a lot of additional information to "make it happen".

One of these days I will actually get started on one of the many homes from our tree.

This presentation used one of the oldest known homes in the U.S. (in the 1600s) to illustrate some of the process.

Like the Legacy Family Tree Webinars, this was a free one as well.

Coming up this week -- tomorrow actually -- is the 82nd birthday of my brother, Marv.  I found a picture of him this week in a High School Orchestra photo take some 65 years ago . . . of course he was just 17 in that photo.

We'll be over for the cake and goodies -- Happy Birthday!

The other event that we'll be watching (not listening to this time) is of course the World Series. It is always a magical time and if it goes to 7 games it'll end in November . . . a week before the election.

And lastly we find out about Earl and his genealogical story, somewhat:

And so now we know. And that is a bit of our week.  See you all "in a few"!

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