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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Rain, Rain -- Full Moon

We anticipated flooding based on the weather reports, and maybe that's coming, but so far it has just been good periodic downpours mixed in with periods of sun, bright sunshine. It looks like the storm that tormented the Northwest has weakened a bit here. We like it especially when it rains heavily at night and then not-so-much in the daytime.

It did rain enough to water the yard and top-off the pool, which is great, given the still present drought. Dino gingerly goes out on his business trips and hustles back in quickly. We fortunately have not gone out during the rain so far. The one appointment that we kept actually came at a time when the sun was shining brightly.

Hopefully, there will be more of the rainy stuff next week and hopefully we will get lucky again with our venturing out -- we'll see.

It is now just three weeks and one day before we elect the next president.

We bounce back and forth in watching the channels that favor one candidate over the other so as to maybe get a clearer picture of what is going on . . .

After awhile it seems that all the channels report the same misdeeds.

Google is reporting that there is a huge surge in requests to know more about the "write-in" procedures.

It would appear to me that there would need to be a lot of coordination to make that process viable.

But as a form of protest simply writing in any name that suits you would work. I am hoping more clarification comes out, though many folks have already voted.

We just received our mail-in ballots this week. We have a tub full of campaign literature to pour over to make some sort of informed decision -- it is almost as bad as pouring over the medical insurance sign-up forms now inundating our mail as well.

Aside from the balloting and the insurance solicitations we had the pleasure of doing a little house work -- the kind that you watch worker-bees do for us . . .

For a long time we have thought about adding a screen door to the front door, but so many of the "security" screen doors look jail-like that we did not make the addition, until now. We found a screen door that had lockable capabilities and was securely made and was attractive as well.

Then we thought since we were adding a screen door, why not add a new entrance door as well -- so we did -- this in place of a vacation trip . . .

Above are the pics of the door. The white one in the middle is the screen door. And both doors are just what we wanted and every time I walk by them I feel good about the change. We also put an identical screen door on one of our back doors as well. We are set on doors for a bit . . .

And now, if you are looking for "that getaway vacation home" have a look-see:

The house pictured on the right is currently for sale in Hiles, Wisconsin. If interested just check online for this property. It is located on Pine Lake and you can see in the middle picture one of the major benefits of living there, talk about fish-fry Fridays . . .

And now a word about MLB versus NFL. This year is the first year in many that I have not been overjoyed about the start of football season.

We will actually miss baseball more this year than previous years.
But in the meantime, we are rooting for the Cubs -- even though they knocked us (the SF Giants) out of contention.

We loved the first game with the Dodgers last night, we thought for a moment that the Cubs were going to blow a 3 - 1 lead and then the Cubs came alive and ended the game with an 8 - 4 win.

So hopefully the Cubs will end their drought and get into and win the World Series this year. Maybe after all that I might get more interested in the NFL, but we'll have to wait and see. We will "peek" at some of the games, but so far the interest and excitement of previous years is just not there.

And lastly we'll close again with Pickles. I love how Mrs Pickles relates why she thinks that her ancestors left their homelands "for their beliefs" . . .

And that is a bit of our week, See you all "in a few" !

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