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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Behavin' Bee Haven

This week it reminded me a lot of my days in the Pacific Northwest with one exception -- not a lot of rain but a whole lot of gray . . . we did get a smattering of rainfall one day this week -- Wednesday. It came the day after one of the days that we can water the lawns and garden.

The above comes mostly from our current flower box -- formerly our garden produce box . . . we decided this year to give up the benefits of vegetables and opt for a more visual benefit.  We are enjoying the change.

We planted several types of flowers and bulbs aimed at inviting bees to join in. We have seen some bees -- hard working bees -- and hope to see many more in the coming weeks.


The rain that came on Wednesday left the cover on the pool with interesting patterns. It almost looks like a printed circuit-board. Usually, we have so much sun that any moisture on top of the cover is dried immediately and looks not-so-good.

The cover is almost mandatory these days due to the rapid evaporation and it definitely has helped reduce that. The first time we put the cover on it looked like solid ground to Dino . . . he quickly recovered from stepping onto the surface and suffered only one wet foot . . .

Whoever heard of a lab that doesn't like water to jump into . . .

Webinars This Week

One of this week's features for me was attending two webinars hosted by Legacy Family Tree.

On Wednesday, Thomas MacEntee presented "Pinning Your Family History".  This was a very well-done webinar and reinforced the value of Pinterest and other pinning sites. I hope that I can put to use the many ideas that he shared.

Then on Friday, Judy Russell presented "Making a Federal Case Out of It". This too was an excellent webinar and one that I'll be revisiting more as I encounter records possibly in Federal Courts.

The two folks above account for many of the webinars that Legacy has hosted and they are examples of the top-notch professionalism that make the webinar series so worthwhile.

The Personal Search This Week

So many times my search involves the folks located in the Gillett branch of the family -- and this week found me there once again:

Click on the above chart to see (starred) two of the 16 GGG Grandparents that I have. Thomas Gillett and Sophia Pratt. They had a bunch of kids (12) and one of those was Clarissa. Clarissa married Elisha Kelley and one of their daughters was Regina Delilah Kelley -- who married Harvey Brown Rittenhouse . . .

Above you can see a Family Group Sheet showing the family with 11 children. And it was among these kids that I spent a lot of research time this week.

As an example, one those kids was also a Clarissa (Rittenhouse):

Clarissa Rittenhouse (and all of her siblings) is a 2nd cousin (twice removed because there are two generations between us).

So for now I have my hands full of research documenting those 11 children and it is why there are now so many Rittenhouse cousins in the tree . . . where before this week I knew of none.


The news these days is filled with the upcoming Presidential election candidates. I wonder how soon it will be that we see some of them "drop out" of the race.

I have added the above "widget" to the top of the blog and it will keep us reminded of just how long we have to go before casting our vote.

And that is a bit of our week. There are other activities going on, like watching the Giants lose more than win their current games . . . and working on puzzles, and shopping for just the right dinner menu items and, well, stuff.     See you all "in a few"!

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