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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tower Flower Power

It was an energizing week is some respects. While we stayed fairly close to home we managed to accomplish some of our vague objectives. It seems like forever ago that I had to come up with "goals & objectives" quarterly -- and then face the dreaded reviews . . .

One objective that we had this year was to create a flower box display that was "fun" to look at -- and we think we accomplished that. With a combination of bulbs and plants we have a display of flowers that so far keeps our interest -- not to mention bee interest.

Webinar this Week

Legacy Family Tree did not disappoint with their weekly webinar on Wednesday -- or should I say
Karen Clifford did not disappoint.

This was the second in a series of webinars by Karen that she details her research plans for given genealogical situations.

Viewers in advance were encouraged to send to Karen their brick wall cases e.g.

Karen then went step-by-step into her approach for solving the questions. I learned a lot by following along with Karen and hope that I can copy her approach with some of our brick wall cases from the HILES Family Tree . . .

The Search This Week

Speaking of "The HILES Family Tree" I work almost every day on the Hiles tree that I started there a few years ago.

Often I start by inputting folks into my Family Tree Maker tree and then enter them into  When I finish those two trees I then enter some of the folks into the tree at the Hiles website:    all of this takes -- t i m e . . .

But, when things are clicking the time just flies by and gives me a lot of satisfaction.

On I actually have 20 trees. Some are for branches of the Hiles tree, but many are for friends. And often I climb into those trees and lose myself for an entire week -- and that is what happened this week.

I went after some of the low-hanging fruit available in a couple of the "friend" trees. But it gives me a great sense of accomplishment to expand the trees. It often opens up approaches that I can use in my researching of our tree.

While I was busy doing all this researching, Gail had some of her own projects that she was working on and finishing up:

The Needlepoint to the left, Gail has been working on and "setting aside" for awhile -- this week she finally finished the Christmas Stocking and it has been sent to the "finisher" to turn it into a beautiful stocking.

She also "retired" the indoor herb & spice growing factory.

She started these herbs earlier this year and there have been enough herbs produced to last us a very long time.

We may decide to grow indoor flowers next -- but that will be a while before we start that.

Another project we continued with is the ever on-going paper trail in the office created mostly by the health care industry though the financial industry creates its fair share as well.

Getting & keeping a handle on the paper is forever a problem. We have a ways to go and then we have to tackle the closets and the worst area of all -- the garage. Who knows where all that stuff came from . . .

Another Worthwhile Project

To the right is my "facebook" sharing of a
Kickstarter project that I donated to this week.

Thanks to Dick Eastman from
for publishing the information.

"The People Who Made Me" an illustrated children's book being written by Troy Hallewell
was seeking "crowdsourcing" money on to fund the writing of this book.

The other day when I donated they had not yet reached their goal to continue the project and only had a few days to go.

Yesterday or today, they got to their goal and can
continue and hopefully publish this book.

The book tells the story to young kids about who their ancestors were and what type of people they were and other details. It sounds like a perfect book to spark the genealogical interest in kids and especially grand kids.

A Reminder About WDYTYA

We have this to look forward to in July. It seems that the seasons fly by, but this show has always brought my interest.

I have not checked out the participants yet for this season, but they have always been good -- well -- except for that one . . . just kidding. So in a little over a week we'll find out WDYTYA.


We're staying in the shade -- mostly the shade in the family room though.

We do though sit outside every day, usually early
well, 9am -- 10 am and then again around 6 pm.

The rest of the time we are inside with the a/c on.

We enjoyed the MLB All-Star game and now the beginning of the second half of major league baseball.

Thinking ahead -- preseason football in the NFL starts next month, just a few weeks away.

And that is a part of our week -- see you all "in a few"!

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