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Saturday, July 25, 2015


We are fortunate that our house has a western exposure in the back and that we have a clear sky view throughout the day. In the evening though special clear nights give way to some very interesting sights:

All this week after darkness begins, the western sky brought out the moon. First as a "sliver moon" early in the week and then the last few nights as a "half moon". Since it was not foggy in the early evening hours we had some beautiful moon views.

We Got Postcards Numbers -- Lots of Numbers

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with numbers. Everything from the clock numbers (Gail mentioned yesterday-- Oh Look it is 11:11 . . .) to car mileage to dates to the temperature and so on.

Sometimes while driving I take notice of an upcoming mileage event on the odometer and am half-tempted to pull over and photograph the exact moment of transition.

I never felt that I was particularly very good in math classes,  but that probably had to do with other things as opposed to numbers themselves.

I very seldom forget dates of birthdays for those in my immediate family and have always had that built-in ability to keep track.

I am always interested to see numbers attached to people and events so much so that I feel satisfied when the numbers line up. 

I take blood pressure readings every morning on an electronic device. I 

often guesstimate the outcome and the time that it will occur.

Since school days, I recall dates such as 1066 -- the battle of Hastings & William the Conqueror.

And the date of 1215 -- the signing (or the granting) of the Magna Carta.

Which brings to mind the 800th anniversary of that event. One of these days I will delve into more of why these dates are so significant. In the meantime, I will work on more personal history though the merging of 1215 and 1066 into the family history is getting closer.

The Search This Week

Again my searching took me all over the tree and also to other trees. I get caught up in a certain branch and I just keep going and going.

But I did manage to stumble across one of Gail's folks who I had never met and it was interesting to take a peek at her:

Gail's grandfather, Henry J Rahman, was married twice. His first marriage to Edna Marie Benson produced five daughters. One of those daughters was Alice Rahman and Gail's Aunt -- but she also was the mother of Gail's first husband . . . 

Henry J's second marriage was to Jenny Jensen and from that marriage came two sons and two daughters, one of whom was Gail's mother -- Myrtle. 

But the person that I found this week was from the first marriage and that is Grace Mae Rahman and her third (at least) husband Wallace Lavery.

It was nice to put faces to two more names. One by one,  pictures are found for some of these elusive relatives. It is encouraging to get these photos.

Webinar This Week

On Wednesday this week I attended the Legacy Family Tree's regular webinar offering.

This week was about searching your Swedish Roots -- and we have some, probably more than we know.

But the webinar was done very professionally with a ton of links for doing Swedish research.

Above are the Family Group Sheets for the two marriages of my Great Grandfather, Samuel B Swante Nelson.

I never met Samuel nor either of his two wives. His first wife, Ella,  died abt. 1896 and he shortly later remarried this time to Annie. Annie died in 1938 (Samuel died sometime before 1930).

Because of the Webinar, I took an interest again to search more about Swedish relatives and it paid off a little bit at least. 

I did not know when Samuel died (still do not know the dates) nor did I know when Annie died nor have her correct birth name. 

Above I show a newspaper clipping regarding "Final Rites" for Sam, but no dates and no newspaper name. 

Also above is the death certificate for Annie Charlott Bergquist Nelson which I purchased from the Illinois Records Archive site. From that I found out her parents names and from where in Sweden they were all from and saw that the "informant" of the information for the death certificate was her daughter, Lillian Marie Nelson -- Mrs. Frank Johnson.

Hopefully, more information will come as the result of the above.


Who Do You Think You Are begins its new season this Sunday evening -- TLC at 8 pm.

This show is always interesting and it always encourages me to delve deeper.

Ginnifer Goodwin and her genealogy I'm sure will be fascinating.

The show is amazing to me in that it proves that so much is out there waiting to be found and I am always surprised at the material that is uncovered.

So, this Sunday night our DVR will be set to record this episode and the whole series -- as usual.

That was a bit of our week -- it is Saturday and that means burger and fries tonight. 

See you all "in a few"!

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