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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturday, it IS the 4th of July . . .

This was a HOT week, today is a bit cooler and for that we are glad! Earlier this week, I think the same day that turned out to be extra long (leap-second day) I checked the thermometer out back:

On the left it shows a couple of degrees hotter than 100 but on the clock it shows much higher -- must be a mistake. Never-the-less it was hot and this was at 6:20 in the evening.

The beautiful orange flower chose to bloom on that day as well. Before they blossom they almost look edible.

We are ready for the 4th, in terms of decoration that is . . .

We have resisted buying any of those "safe and sane" fireworks packages that are not legal in our city anyway.

Almost always there are random displays though throughout local neighborhoods and our city has a great fireworks show every year.

Our thoughts go back to the many 4th of July holidays growing up.

I remember certainly having sparklers to wave about in the evening. There was a distinct smoke type odor produced from these.

Of course we used to "mar up" the sidewalks by burning the "snakes" that curled up when lit. And if we were lucky, we had a stash of "lady-fingers" that we could set off.

Once in a while we even had some cherry bombs . . .

The Searching this Week

The searching gave me a variety of things to think about and the collage on the left is amazing to me.

These are four women who are living today AND they were living in the 1800s as well.

Four people that have lived for a very long time and I can only wonder about the events that they recall first hand during their lives -- things that we only have read about.

There are probably a few other folks that are alive from the 1800s -- they just have not been identified.

We have some examples of folks from our tree that have lived more than 100 years.

You can check them out at the Hiles Website.

On the right is a pedigree chart showing
my 4th Great Grandparents down to
Angeline Hiles (1/2 First Cousin).

Angeline married Henry Dearing in 1889
in Perry County, Ohio.

Angeline & Henry had at least 11 children and what caught my curiosity this week while rummaging through was one of their children's obituary:

This obituary appeared in The Logan (Ohio) Daily News, Wednesday, 14 January 1970.

I happened to spot it and thought the name looked familiar -- Vaul, which of course is an unusual first name.

The obituary spells out the fact that Vaul was a retired coal miner and that he
died leaving his wife, Emma, and five coal-miner sons and four coal-miner daughters.

With the listing in the obituary, names of his children, all of whom are my 1/2 3rd cousins, I hope to follow those folks to current living cousins.

I happened on this obituary by accident while looking for others.

I find searching throughout the old newspapers very addicting and part of the result is that I wind up with a lot of various and sundry material.

On the right is an article that also caught my eye
as I was searching and is NOT about a relative.

This appeared in The Logan Daily News in 1950 during the Korean War.

It is hard to imagine that a couple that young experienced such tragedy.

I know that there are a lot of similar stories but
they always are eye-openers when I read about them.

I'll be scanning more papers in the weeks to come and there will be more things to ponder.


In honor of "The Fourth" we will be enjoying what we feel is appropriate for the day:

Hot Dogs for lunch & Hamburgers for dinner.

What could be more American than that . . .

A preview of tonight:

Have a Great Holiday & we'll see you all "in a few"!

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